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Leaky Home Inspections

Making First Home Buying Easy

Is the home, building or apartment you are buying weather-tight? Many properties in New Zealand are prone to leaks and water damage, which, in the long term, can cause hundreds of thousands in repair costs.

Our services will help you to not buy a home with hidden leaks.

Leaky Ceiling

Beware of Building with Monolithic Cladding

Monolithic Plaster Cladded dwellings are known to have weather tightness issues. These designs are fundamentally flawed, letting in large amounts of moisture causing structural damage and mould build up.

Monolithic cladding looks great, many building and homes do look flashy and well designed. However, This can be a trap, as this may not be representative of the quality in materials or the level of standards used during the build.

Before you buy your next property, get one of our leaky homes building inspection reports. We don’t want you buying a dud.

Get a Weathertightness Report

  • Moisture Detection
  • Locate Hidden Mold Build Up
  • Discover Historic Water Damage
  • Visual Plumbing and Electrical
  • Reveal Hidden Leaks


Hidden Mold in Home

Make Sure You Aren't Buying a Leaky Home

  • Confidence before purchase
  • Guaranteed transparency
  • 100% Independent

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“We have refined our inspections for first home buyers to give you the information you need to make an informed decision on your investment and follow the guidelines of the New Zealand standard 4306:2005.” Joel - Business Owner


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House Pre Purchase Inspections

The purchaser gains the ability to have access to an independent pre purchase inspection from a quality assured inspector with full indemnity Insurance for peace of mind at a fraction of the cost.

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