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Informative Building Reports

Pre-purchase building reports equip you with everything you need to feel confident and secure before buying a house or building. 

Servicing: Auckland, Rodney District, Whangarei and Coromandel 

  • Full Written Report
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  • Free Quote
  • Meets the NZS34306-2005 standards
  • 50% off Meth Test
  • PDF
  • Photo’s
  • Bank approved
  • Ideal For
    First home buyers, Using a mortgage, Smart Investors
  • 24 hour turnaround upon request
  • Pre-Auction or Verbal Report
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  • Free Quote
  • Quick verbal report with full written extension available.
  • 50% off Meth Test
  • Discussed Via Phone Call or onsite. (document on sale)
  • Photo’s on sale
  • Document bank approved
  • Ideal For
    Auctions or to keep costs down before a decision is made.
  • Ready same day OR document upon request and sale
  • Comprehensive moisture testing report
  • Add on From $275+gst
  • Free Quote
  • This is an extension to a full written report
  • N/A
  • PDF
  • Photo's
  • Bank Approved
  • Ideal For
    Plaster homes or home built in the leaky home era.
    Architectural homes or high-risk structures
  • 24-48 hour turnaround


Trustworthy Report Guarantee

  • 100% independent reports
  • Discover hidden costs before you buy
  • Documents used by banks and solicitors


Invasive Testing Reports available on request


Other Reports

Service  With inspection (50% off) Without inspection 
Instant verbal Meth test (MedNZ swab)  $80+gst  $160+gst 
Laboratory Field meth test (up to 5 test areas)  $140+gst  $280+gst 
Laboratory Field meth test (up to 10 test areas)   $240+gst $380+gst 
Consecutive field tests after 10  $20+gst  $20+gst 
Asbestos testing  $350+gst initial, then $150+gst per consecutive sample  $450+gst initial then $150 per consecutive sample 
Lead paint test  $75 per test area/material  Not available 
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Additional Reports

Weather Tightness

Ideal for people who are looking at homes built between 1994 and 2004 (New Zealand Leaky Home Crisis).


  • - Water tightness risk factors
  • - Thermal imaging (if necessary
  • - Non-invasive moisture metre testing
  • - Invasive inspections on request.


$99+GST Add-On

Meth Test (Only)

Comprehensive meth test. Swab samples are taken from across multiple house locations (common culprits). Sent to the lab for analysis.

Find out if the house has been used as a P Lab or if there are signs of P Smokers. Help protect your family’s health from unseen hazards.


Second Hand

Building check report before you buy a building that is being moved in from an off-site location.

Find out if the building you are moving is good choice. Ensure the property is structurally ready to be moved.


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  • I can’t fault Mike & his team with regards to a recent inspection that I commissioned. I found that the property was actually not as water tight as it had clearly suggested.

    I suspect that Mike & his team saved me a lot of money & anguish

    Hibiscus Coast Resident

Comprehensive Inspections carried out by trained professionals.


All inspectors are Qualified builders with years of experience in the industry.

HPPI has full indemnity insurance.

House Pre Purchase Inspections

The purchaser gains the ability to have access to an independent pre purchase inspection from a quality assured inspector with full indemnity Insurance for peace of mind at a fraction of the cost.

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